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for the safety of the operators


Frank Caron Consulting is a team of professional providing services to operators in their working environment.

The main objective is to enhance the safety of the operations by managing the risks and the quality.

The paradox:
The human operator, the least reliable element of a system, but the most essential...!
Frank Caron (Ph.D)


Risks Management

Risks management program

We first audit and diagnose possible weaknesses and risks inside your organization.

Secondly, we develop and implement a tailored daily monitoring and analysis program to reduce your operational risks and consequently incidents and accidents occurrences.

Ultimately, your operations gain in safety, quality and therefore efficiency.

There is no doubt this program will reduce your operational costs.


Human Factors

Human Factors trainings are mandatory because complementary to Risks Management programs.

We develop and implement tailored Human Factors trainings aiming operators attitude for a better safety understanding. These programs also develop perception and awareness about risks inside the company.

Consequently, each staff member gains in efficiency and increases indvidual comfort and integration within the company.


Skills/competencies transfer

We develop and implement tailored trainig programs for skills and competencies transfer targeting end users and concerned managers.

The training program teaches how to make use of the available tools and operate the Safety/Risks Management program.

The Managers will learn how to control the program, to follow up the collected data and apply the most adapted solutions. They get an emphasize on how to foster their teams and to maintain their awareness acute.


Business & Services

Frank Caron Consulting has partners to deal with products between Europe and South-East Asia or other countries on request.

We source products, distributors, manufacturers and companies for our customers in Indonesia and in Europe.

Our partners also provide services related to quality in the Hospitality Industry.


We define tools and design architecture projects to deploy and implement internal or worldwide website solutions for startup as well as small companies.

We developp several solutions with large range of technologies to suit required needs.

Technical systems do not make mistakes but, the human operators do. Nowadays, human operators are always a factor causing incidents and accidents.
Risks Management programs and Human Factors training must be integrated in any complex industry operational system.

The Team

Frank Carron
Frank Caron

Frank Caron offers a very atypical profile made of several sides: safety, human factors, analysis, research, development, support and management.

Following a Ph.D in Cognitive Psychology, 13 years as assistant professor in French universities sharpen his expertise in researches and analysis on human factors, safety, evaluation and diagnostic.

In parallel, he has acquired practical views in private sectors through expert consultancy missions regarding human factors, crew resources management and accidents analysis.

Then, he joined the aerospace industry where he has spent 2 decades managing operational safety, but also piloting jet transports aircrafts and training pilots. He has implemented several in house highly innovative and integrated international programs to enhance safety, quality, reliability and efficiency with the most demanding standards for international airlines.

In complement of these aerospace experiences, Frank Caron has spent about 10 years in the rail industry.First and early in his carreer as fret train chief and later switchman. More recently, he has been the principal consultant of a project developing a rail resources ranagement program for train captains in the Hong Kong Light Rail. The objective of this program was well beyond human factors training to enhance the safety perception and awareness inside the company.

With his 10 years international experiences mainly in Asia, Frank Caron has been exposed to multiple cultures and standards. He has also learned to understand and tailor various requests to the necessary cultural requirements, developing a high sense of tolerance, respect and adaptation.

Last but not least, Frank is a true passionate and eclectic professional, deeply open minded, and definitely pragmatic. He is also very creative and he loves sharing because his real interest for people as well as team-work. Finally Frank Caron coaches and advises individuals or teams and transfer competencies.

19 September 2016

Sherly Wiraatmaja

With a diploma in hotel management, Sherly Wiraatmaja dedicated her life with the hospitality industry.

Her previous engagements gave her the opportunity to get experiences from many sides of hospitality with Indonesian and foreign companies. She have also worked abroad on a worldwide scale receiving essential cultural differences exposures.

A recent position of operations manager let her managing a complete development and installation of a brand new Japanese bar, lounge and restaurant in Jakarta.

From this project she developed a real talent for sourcing and choosing suppliers, manufacturers, and companies not only in her country but in the whole Asia.

She currently manages a Mysterious Guest business to peek into the way operations are run through the perspective of an ordinary customer in order to improve the whole business quality.

Sherly Wiraatmaja has the ability to quickly glean every detail component that needs to be improved on from even a cursory glance in an entire organisation.

19 September 2016

Thibault de Lambilly

With a Computer Design Diploma Thibault de Lambilly was predestined to Computer Industry.

But it is in the logistics flow that he started his career before returning to the information technology where it is today Development Engineer.

But Thibault is also eclectic, driven by passion and definitely curious. He likes to discover and invest in innovative projects with a pronounced taste for challenge. Thus he tried automotive industry, aerospace and computer startups.

Thibault could easily be labeled as a geek, but he has a genuine desire to humans more than electronic relationship.

Finally, Thibault de Lambilly holds a Professional Pilot License, another passion he has added to his experience. He also trained pilots for several years as a flight instructor.

19 September 2016

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